Germanium Citrosa (Mosquito Plant)

Germanium Citrosa (Mosquito Plant)

Your new citrosa geranium will appreciate being given some room to grow in its new home. Choose a slightly larger pot that has drainage holes in the bottom. Citrosa geranium should do well in a standard potting soil mixture. If you’ve lost plants to overwatering in the past, choose a free mixture that offers good drainage as well as a healthy dose of organic matter.

Look for potting soils that include composted pine bark. Composted pine bark feeds beneficial soil microorganisms that limit damping off and root rot diseases that are especially damaging to Pelargonium.

Overwintering Citronella Geranium

Citrosa geranium will grow happily in full sun and warm temperatures. When the forecast calls for temperatures to dip below 60 degrees, it’s time to bring your tender geranium inside. You can overwinter citrosa geranium as a potted houseplant, as a dormant plant in storage or as a rooted cutting.