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Aerated all natural Compost Tea

Aerated all natural Compost Tea

All-natural compost tea is a liquid fertilizer made by steeping compost in water. This process extracts beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and organic matter from the compost into the water, creating a nutrient-rich solution that can be used to enhance soil and plant health. Here’s a general outline of how it’s made and used:


1. **Compost**: High-quality, mature compost is ideal. It should be rich in organic matter and free from contaminants.

2. **Water**: Use chlorine-free water, such as rainwater or dechlorinated tap water..


1. **Dilution**: Dilute the compost tea with water, typically in a 1:10 ratio (one part compost tea to ten parts water).

2. **Spraying or Watering**: Apply the tea directly to the soil around plants or use it as a foliar spray to provide nutrients and beneficial microorganisms to plant leaves.


- **Improved Soil Health**: Enhances microbial activity, which improves soil structure and nutrient availability.

- **Plant Nutrition**: Provides a balanced mix of nutrients that are immediately available to plants.

- **Disease Suppression**: Can help to suppress certain plant diseases by promoting beneficial microorganisms that outcompete pathogens.

All-natural compost tea is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to promote plant and soil health without relying on synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

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